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MOM-Heart of the Home has Retired

June 13, 2017 –  MOM - Heart of the Home has retired this year. We say this with sadness, but also with acceptance. We are consoled in knowing that for 23 years, MHOH has faithfully served the mothers and other women of  Chester County and a few neighboring counties under the mantle of Mary Our Mother. We are confident that Mary has overseen every one of our renewal days and the Holy Spirit has guided us along the right path. As wonderful as our days were, they were drastically understaffed with volunteers the past five years. With no leaders emerging, it became evident that it is time to close the ministry. Fortunately for all of us, there are many other opportunities for spiritual renewal days in our area. We are certain that you will be led to the right one to suit your needs.

Because of this, the 2017 MHOH day was our last MOM - Heart of the Home Day of Renewal. We are very happy that the March 18th renewal day was so well attended and so well received by everyone. For that we are eternally grateful.

We thank you all for your attendance for so many years. You have been a huge part of why our days were so spiritual and uplifting. Your testimonies and prayerful participation kept us all centered in the heart of Mary Our Mother and for that we could not be more grateful. May you continue to grow in your love for Mary and especially for her Son, Jesus.

We wish you God's Peace, His Love and His Joy!

Pat Lamb and Debbie MacKenzie, co-coordinators MHOH 2016-2017
Kathy Eckert, foundress MHOH